Why Is Meditation Important: Astral Projection is Real

Since I’ve started my journey, back in the middle of 2019, I’ve came across a lot of different practices and religions to help further my practice. One constant that’s stayed the same is meditation. I know a lot of people don’t like to meditate or think that they can’t do it but I’m here to tell you, you can.

When I first started, it was difficult, I’m not going to lie. Someone as myself who is a Virgo sun and Aquarius moon, my mind is always racing with new ideas and it can be exhausting a lot of the times. When the pandemic first hit, my eyes and mind were racing so much because I had all this free time, that I’d have to force myself to close my eyes for a bit to try to relax. Meditation is a practice, which essentially means that you have to keep doing it to get better at it. It’s not, you meditate once and everything is fine. Daily meditation is keeping a steady practice which is not only good for quieting the mind but receiving downloads as well. I’ve gotten my most best ideas after meditating, it’s also strengthened my intuition a whole hell of a lot as well.

Another form of meditation is using crystals where you can place all your crystals on your body starting at your legs and going up until you reach your head. Or one crystal in your hand as you cup it with both hands or two crystal in each hand while you focus on the healing property of the crystal. Lately I’ve been meditating with two black crystals in both hands while doing mudra hand signs (which we’ll talk about in the next post). It’s really helped me to bring clarity to my mind and ground myself.

A form of grounding meditation is using all of your senses. This one, I actually prep for when I’m in the mood too. I’ll wake up, brush my teeth, get an incense, light it, crack the window (especially now since it’s cold, incense smoke and cold air is just *chef kisses*), and I’ll either sit in a chair or when I’m close to closing out the practice, I’ll place my bare feet on the ground. The idea behind this meditation is to bring awareness to yourself, replenish and renew your energy, and to be present. While I meditate, I’ll ask myself questions to bring my mind to the most current moment I’m in, what do you smell, in this moment? What do you hear, in this moment? What do you feel, in this moment? What do you see (even with your eyes closed), in this moment? And I’ll remind myself that even with everything going on, I’m in my body, I’m protected, and although I am small compared to the world, I take up a lot of space.

Smile meditation is where you send smiles to every part of your body. This is sending appreciation to every part of your body, even the parts you may not even be happy with to send them love and loving thoughts. When I first did this, I’m not going to lie, it was weird. You are sitting in one spot, actually smiling while visualizing each part of your body and sending love to it. After a few times of practicing smile meditation, my body, itself started to feel good! Like a warm light was being shined on me, people would tell me I was glowing! Up until I practiced this style of meditation, I had no idea that my body would crave things that’s different from my mind and that for a long time, my body was out of sync with my mind. I highly recommend this one, if you don’t try any of the other one’s mentioned, try this meditation style.

Silent meditation has to be one of my favorites as of lately. I had to work up to this one because I never realized that I had a bad habit of picking up my phone and looking at social media as soon as I’d wake up. My energy would be depleted and my mind would be corrupted with whatever negativity I saw that morning. Now? I’ll brush my teeth, use the bathroom, then go back to bed, meditate and just listen to life around me. I had no idea that if I were to wake up at a certain time, birds can be heard even though my window was closed and while living in a major city like New York. That there’s a time, where no one is awake in my neighborhood but I can hear a car driving (possibly speeding) to there destination. That not only can I hear that, but I can hear a cat meowing even though I live on the 4th floor (which is really like the 5th floor). Or a dog that sounds semi far, barking outside. It’s extremely amazing, how when you take time out for yourself, to really sit and listen to the world around you, that life is all around. That even in your lonely moments, your never truly alone because life is all around you. I feel most at peace when practicing silent meditation.

As I stated before, all of these methods have to be done more than once, more than just a few days. With all of these methods, I sometimes had to try these a few times a day but the most important thing to note is, to stick with it. There are days where I can’t sit and be mindful, where my body wants to get up and move and so I do. There are also some days I can only set aside 5 minute practices and that’s just enough for me as well. Meditation isn’t always about doing something grand, it’s about setting time aside to check in with yourself and asking, how can I best serve myself today to feel joy and peace. If you need some inspiration, check out my podcast on spotify.


By Anaya Thomas

Writing has always been my passion and even though we were always on again, off again, I finally feel like I found the sweet spot on what I want to say

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