Collective Reading for Aquarius Season

Sagittarius, Virgo, Leo –

Today’s reading has to do with you and how you handle the people around you.

The king of wands suggests that he is there for you, to help guide you through any problems you may be facing at the moment, but only if you take time to separate yourself from the situation for a little while. Then will you be able to see, clearly, what path you need to take.

The 9 of wands reversed suggests that you may have made some choices, in the past, that your not happy about but don’t worry! Sit back, relax, and act accordingly but only through patience, because even though this situation is sticky, you and your loved ones are safe and a new romantic cycles begins with you, trusting yourself. Things might not be all cheerful at the moment, but happiness is something that does not leave us.

We just have to go through the motions so happiness can make it’s way through the surface. Our Yogic cards are calling for us to practice saying no sometimes and even when we don’t want to, to rest. Remember to drink water, take breaks from social media and may peace find its way back to you.


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