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TV Review – Cosmic Love on Prime

Info on Program One weekend as I was looking for something to watch, I turned on my tv, and I saw an ad for a show. The ad had pictures of people with the zodiac wheel behind them, which automatically caught my attention. Clicking on the ad to preview it, it was an advertisement for […]

Collective Virgo Reading 2022

I hope everyone had a wonderful Leo season. I know for myself, that Leo was pretty harsh. I definitely felt the push from Mars from my last reading and also Mercury retrograding into Virgo. It was all a wonderful learning experience though, that I can now bring with me into Virgo season. Let’s see what […]

Collective Reading for Leo Season 2022

I hope everyone had a wonderful Cancer Season. I know for myself, that it was eye-opening and a time for me to reanalyze my thinking process. Sometimes you don’t realize a situation bothered you, until you take a moment to process it. I learned to make room to address whatever was bothering me at the […]

How To Put Yourself First? You Don’t Owe Anybody Anything

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the people around me and how they impact how I move among them daily. The mind is a powerful tool and sometimes a very dangerous one. The mind can make up all different scenarios that, more than likely, won’t even happen; I realized this by starting my spiritual journey. I […]

Did you remember to meditate today? Don’t forget that shadow work

And drink water

Collective Reading for Gemini & Cancer 2022

I hope you all had a wonderful Taurus season, I know for me it was life changing. I got a promotion, I learned a lot about myself, and found the value not only in material wealth but in desire. I never really asked myself what I really wanted out of life, until Gemini season came. I accurately […]

Collective Reading for Taurus Season 2022

I hope you all had a wonderful Aries season, a lot was brought to light for me to be honest. One thing I can appreciate about Aries season (especially since I’ve been aware more recently), is the fiery energy that Aries has to offer. If you want something to be revealed to you, Aries season […]

TV Review: The Witches of East End

I found out about this show from TikTok. Two women were comparing themselves to the show and when I looked up the tag, everyone was raving about it so I had to check it out. I’m really happy I did because its a good show. You learn about astral projection, reincarnation, twin flames and soul mates, writing spells, and much more. I […]


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