How To Be An Herbalist On A Budget

Every time I go on Instagram, I wish to so badly to spend all my pennies to get all the herbs in the world and store them in glass jars to get the best witchy vibe. Too bad this is reality and my rent is the price of a mortgage. Not too long ago I started thinking about using tea bags in my practice.

Of course I don’t use Lipton (because it’s complete trash) and they were or, are known for using fillers like grass clippings and had traces of pesticides in their products. Other brands that I haven’t read anything bad about is Bigelow or Yogi tea so those are my go to brands for buying tea. Most tea brands have a mix of tea flavors like Bigelow’s new brand of tea called Stay well. The herbs used to make this tea is Lemon, Echinacea, Lemongrass, Rose Hips, and Elderflowers.

According to the Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs written by Scott Cunningham says this:

Echinacea – strengthens spells and is used as an offering to the spirits by the Native Americans.

Elderflowers or Elder – is used for protection, healing, prosperity, and exorcism. (Tip: if you can find the flower itself it can ward off any attack, of any kind).

Lemon – longevity, love, friendship, purification

Lemongrass – repels snakes, lust, psychic powers

Rose hip (the book just has rose so I’ll use it for this one) – Love, Psychic Powers, Healing, Love Divination, Luck, Protection

So if I wanted to do a spell that involves purifying my psychic abilities, Enchinacea will strengthen my spell, Elder will protect it from any harm, and lemon will purify my spell so I get the most out of it. I’m pretty sure that this is a form of water magick as well because your using water and infusing it with the leaves.

As your stirring, make sure to say your chant 3 times; clockwise for prosperity, counter clockwise for banishment, and pentacles for general enchantment.The best part about this is it’s simple ingredients, only spent about $5 the most, and you’ll have everything you need. Even though I don’t practice hoodoo or voodoo, I love that the practices go off of using what you have.

If you wanted to use the tea bag for candle magick, just cut the bag open, cleanse the candle with an oil such as grapeseed oil or any other carrier oil but only if the candle isn’t in a glass. If the candle is in a glass then cleanse with Florida water and either sprinkle the tea around the candle or on the candle and that’s it. Tea brands make a lot of different varieties like the calm stomach, refresh, and radiant blueberry to name a few. Even something as simple as green tea can be used for just about any spell.

Green tea is made from a plant called Camellia and it’s magickal properties are for riches which can be added to enhance anything that you’re doing. Next time you’re in need of some herbs but can’t afford to buy everything all at once, just use some tea leaves and look up their properties in the Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs.


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