Meet the author and creator of 3 o’Clock Occultis

Anya Thomas is the founder and creator 3 o’Clock Occultis. She an intuitive, a practicing astrologer, and spiritually curious about different religions while bringing a different way of looking at them. Her ultimate goal is bring awareness, cost effective ways, and a fun perspective on spirituality while making it accessible to all. She blogs about spirituality (on a budget), astrology, think pieces, collective tarot readings. She also thinks writes for the Tumblr page Spiritually Curious and 3 o’Clock Occultis where she started writing about her interests in the occultist and sharing her personal journey on occasion as well.

I always had an intuitive nature but never pursed it because of the influence of the people around me. Growing up Jamaican, scared to be judged or black listed, I kept this side of myself quiet and even just ignored it completely. Growing up as christian and going to church, I had an amazing relationship with God but I felt like I needed something more. Watching TV of witches, wolves, and vampires got me excited but with the influences around me, I was taught that it was demonic. Ever since I can remember, even the stories my mother would tell me, dreaming of fish, making tea tonics, and being just naturally intuitive runs in my family. It wasn’t until 2019 that I started to embrace this side of myself that I always knew existed.

Wanting to help other’s who were like me, in the witches broom closet, so they can feel comfortable in their own skin. I do collective tarot readings, book reviews, talk about astrology, crystals, and write about taboo topics. Our whole goal here at 3 o’Clock Occultis is to make you, nothing else but your true self. We also would like to give you an opportunity for guest posting to give a more broader experience to help our community grow and to show, that there’s not just one path in life.

On this journey, it’s special and unique to you and you only. Use this website as a guide for when you feel stuck or aren’t feeling motivated or maybe just need a sense of community. We hope that with this website we can create our own coven filled with information and love.


Anya Thomas