Collective Reading for Scorpio Season 2022

Libra Season Wrap Up

Libra season was fun but also a season of lessons. In my personal life, I was gifted the opportunity to participate in a work-from-home pilot. But I had to ensure that I wasn’t blinded by illusions such as being too comfortable working from home and having my daily routine thrown off by it. I made sure to stay disciplined and to keep the same routine as when I’m physically in the office. I’ve gained some new experiences (The Fool), and the fact that I love tech (Aquarius) made working from home really easy as well as an opportunity to learn more about the applications I use for work. That’s enough about me and how Libra season was, let’s take a look at Scorpio season and check the astrological forecast she has in store for us.

The Magician and The Moon

With The Magician as our first card and the Moon showing up alongside it, shows that you are the master and keyholder of your manifestations. That means if you say that it won’t happen, it won’t; the same goes for if you say it will happen. The Moon represents everything relating to your emotions, so this could be an emotional time for you at this moment. Scorpio is a water sign and I recognize this sign as the fire, of all water signs. Meaning your emotions could be particularly high around this time; be careful of manifesting things out of anger or saying things that you don’t mean. On 10/25/22 Venus, Sun, and South Node will be in the sign Scorpio; the Moon as well, but only until 10/26/22 at 6:00 am EST before she enters Sagittarius. Emotions could run high this day. Some people don’t like the influx of emotions and may not know how to operate during this time.

10 of Cups (Reversed) and Aquarius

Because this is happening, this could cause you to go inward instead of rejoicing with your comrades. The 10 of Cups is about fulfillment, happiness, and coming together. During this time though, you could feel like you want to isolate yourself from everyone since this card is in the reverse position; especially since Aquarius is about detaching itself from those around them. Sometimes going into isolation to gain strength is needed, especially since, if you’re not aware, 10/30/22 Mars started retrograding to Gemini. Mars is a fast-paced planet that represents everything related to war, assertiveness, courage, and anger. Someone like me, who has an oversaturated natal chart of water, I plan to chill out for the next few months; more specifically until March 15th 2023. Gemini is a fast paced sign that is kind of like a newspaper; it has a lot of information but not necessarily relating to each other. Gemini is an air sign, but I’ve recognized this sign as the fire sign of all air signs. With Mars retrograding (appearing to go backwards), Gemini can cause some mishaps between people or it  may seem like there is some misunderstanding.

5 of Swords (Reversed) and Sixth House

If you stay on this path of isolation and taking time for yourself , then the 5 of swords in reverse is saying that it’s going to benefit you, especially with situations that arise with work. The 6th house represents day-to-day duties, work in general, employees, healing agents, health, and fitness. Be mindful of your health around this time because winter is approaching and do things that’ll make you feel cozy inside. Winter is a time of rebuilding, harvest, and gathering until the sun comes back out to play.
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By Anaya Thomas

Writing has always been my passion and even though we were always on again, off again, I finally feel like I found the sweet spot on what I want to say

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