Collective Reading for Libra Season 2022

Virgo Season Wrap Up

I hope you had a wonderful Virgo season, I’m not going to lie, Virgo season took me for a loop. I think the fact that Mars started moving towards the end of the month and my birthday being close to the end of Virgo season, I felt the effects. Overall, I saw some really amazing events happen, such as, the night of my birthday, I saw Mars close to the moon. Being on vacation and seeing a glowing red star, next to the moon was astonishing and an amazing way to bring in my birthday. Let’s dive deep into Libra season, even though we are practically done, at the time of me writing this.

The Empress and Neptune

The Empress being our first card gives us a great indication of opportunity. The Empress represents the mother, all things that are nurturing, and fertile. Neptune showing up with our first card signals to me that you have to be careful of over saturating yourself with dreamy illusions. Neptune is a very watery planet and is ruled by the sign Pisces. These two together, The Empress and Neptune, are telling us to be mindful of falling too deep into deception. Neptune tends to not follow boundaries and even though The Empress is here to show us that during this season we have an opportunity for growth and blessings, we have to be mindful of the possible deceptions that Neptune represents. You’re going to be expecting a lot of blessings (The Empress) so look at situations for what they are and not for what they could be (Neptune).

During the beginning of Libra season, a lot of planets are due to stop retrograde, which should give us an opportunity to relax and analyze the lessons we learned during that retrograde period.

The Fool and Aquarius

With the second reading, The Fool and Aquarius showing up, this is signaling to me that we have a fresh start to establish ourselves, during the blessings that are being given to us, due to The Empress card. The Fool is the beginning of the tarot deck and the first card in the major arcana. This is where we begin our journey into enlightenment; which can or cannot be positive. With the help of Aquarius and its curious and out-of-the-box thinking nature, it should protect you from any major issues that could happen while on your path to discovery. Just like with anything though, mistakes could arise, because the outcomes are unknown. This journey we’re embarking on is foreign to us and can be scary, but don’t let that rule you. Like the card before, Libra season is showing up to be very positive for us, filled with opportunity and optimism.

5 of Cups (Reversed) and 8th House

Because this is an unknown venture you’re embarking on, this could cause some feelings of guilt or bad feelings due to not knowing what to expect. Don’t let this overwhelm you. The 5 of Cups is saying that though times have been rough, still keep going forward. 8th House, although not really known for a lot of positivity, is saying you can still gain from these experiences.

Even though the last card shows that there could be some lingering signs of guilt due to the lessons you have learned during the last retrograde and continue to learn during the upcoming retrograde, it’s going to have some impact on you. To combat this make sure to look at some cleansing to protect yourself. Don’t let it overwhelm you. The cards before this are showing that you are being rewarded or at least given a break for all the adversity you’ve experienced. This card could also be a warning for the retrograde coming up. Although we have a lot of planets being stationed in the month of October, we’re still expected to have a retrograde this month.

Towards the end of the month 10/30, Mars will start retrograding and we’ll have a lunar eclipse in the signs Scorpio and Taurus. Meaning, we’ll have a New Moon in the Scorpio which will give us a boost in transformations. There’s been major and minor shifts happening to you and the people around you. One way to really see this, is to check the house where Scorpio is located and think about what has happened to you from April-March of this year until, because that theme will carry out towards the end of this month. Look down below to see what Scorpio means throughout the house:

  • If you have Scorpio in the Houses of Finance (2nd House, 6th House, or 10th House), your transformations will revolve around money, your values, and career. 
  • If you have Scorpio in the Houses of relationships (3rd House, 7th House, and 11th House), your transformations will revolve around relationships, partnerships, and opponents. 
  • If you have Scorpio in the House of Life (1st House, 5th House, and 9th House), your transformations will revolve around being self aware, creative expression, higher education, and world view.
  • If you have Scorpio in the House of Endings (4th House, 8th House, 12th House), your transformations will revolve around family, place of residence, rebirth, inheritance, desire for solitude, and retreat into the inner world.

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By Anaya Thomas

Writing has always been my passion and even though we were always on again, off again, I finally feel like I found the sweet spot on what I want to say

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