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One weekend as I was looking for something to watch, I turned on my tv, and I saw an ad for a show. The ad had pictures of people with the zodiac wheel behind them, which automatically caught my attention. Clicking on the ad to preview it, it was an advertisement for a new dating show on Prime TV using the participants’ zodiac signs. I got so excited and just had to watch the show. I’m happy that the entertainment industry is utilizing astrology (especially since it’s more popular now), but more importantly, it’s not just the sun signs they are focusing on. Only about a minute into the show, the woman said she was a Capricorn and I got so excited because there’s no guessing about what her sign was. The show provides you with all the information you need. The most important part was how the couples were going to get matched and was it going to really work?

Where to watch it:

  • Amazon Prime

First Impressions

I wasn’t sure what to expect when watching this show. I knew it was a dating show but I really wanted to see how they were going to utilize the casts’ Natal Chart to help them find love. I finished the season in a day, and I liked how even the cast members who didn’t believe in astrology started gaining an understanding of it. 

One aspect that I thought was interesting, is the show went over their south and north nodes. Most information that I’ve looked at doesn’t really talk about the nodes, so the fact that the show talked about it when matching the couples was super interesting. I wasn’t expecting them to consider the nodes but when they talked about it, it made sense. The planets they didn’t talk about were Neptune, Pluto, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn. I would have liked for Jupiter, Mars and Saturn to be mentioned. Saturn can show a lot about a person depending where it’s placed in the chart and Jupiter can show where a person takes up the most space, and Mars can show how a person gets mad or tense when in heated situations. So if a person’s Jupiter is in the 2nd house and their partner’s is in the 7th house, they could be a great match because 2nd is the house of finances and 7th is marriage. So it could be a very successful relationship. But if one partner’s Mars is in the sign Cancer and their partner is in the sign Sagittarius I could see them bumping heads because of the water fire aspect.

My favorite sign to see how they operated was Capricorn. Capricorns are the business corporate signs of the whole zodiac and the people in the show represented Capricorn to the fullest; guarded, together, business orientated, and persistent. Also, Leo was interesting to see because Leo is known as a rambunctious, vibrant zodiac sign and to see Leo be guarded and cautious, mainly due to the other placements was interesting. I hope that with the next season, they cast more of the zodiac signs because aside from the show, it’s cool to know about the charts in action. For anyone practicing astrology, this is a really good show to see the qualities of a person and how they manifest in real life.


Michael Rourke is the co-creator and executive producer of Cosmic Love. He told Variety that people not only check their zodiac signs, but they believe its science. Michael Rourke had created other projects such as Returning the Favor for Facebook watch and Emmy-winning Pay it Forward. His website Hudsun Media has more information on what he has worked on. 


The show starts off with one of the cast members saying that she’s ready to trust in the stars, she’s always wanted a big wedding, and she’s ready to try something different, new and out of this world. Then a voice over starts saying how modern dating has become difficult to ‘find the one’. And with so many people on the planet, some spend their entire lives trying to find that ‘one’. But the narrator says, what if there was a better way and by trusting astrology, you could find your perfect match. They took four strangers and will find their match using only astrology. 


There’s ten episodes and only one season. I hope there are more seasons because I’m interested to see how this show will develop.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this show, especially when it came to the composite chart. I had never even heard of a composite chart before, which made me appreciate the show even more because I learned something from it. I really hope this show gets a lot of seasons so that they can cover all the different variations of Natal Charts and give shine to each sun sign. I’m excited to see how this show develops, my only concern is the couples that made it to the end. I checked out all of the cast’s social media and none of them indicate that they’re still in a relationship. If the cast don’t form a relationship after the season is completed, then I don’t think it’s advisable for the show to end with a marriage. Instead they can see if they are compatible in real life and decide whether they are going to continue to date each other. Either way, I truly enjoyed the compatibility portion of the show, especially in relation to parts of their Natal Chart.


By Anaya Thomas

Writing has always been my passion and even though we were always on again, off again, I finally feel like I found the sweet spot on what I want to say

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