Collective Reading for Virgo Season 2022

I hope everyone had a wonderful Leo season. I know for myself, that Leo was pretty harsh. I definitely felt the push from Mars from my last reading and also Mercury retrograding into Virgo. It was all a wonderful learning experience though, that I can now bring with me into Virgo season. Let’s see what Virgo season has in store for us

First Card and Dice

Mars showing up for our astro dice once again is saying that we must be careful of our creativity clashing with stressful events during this time. The ace of wands showing up for our first card is signaling some creative inspiration in the horizon coming our way. I noticed for myself that when it starts to get a little cold outside, I find hobbies that are more involved with being inside, such as reading, video games, writing etc. Virgo season is about harvesting your crops, so this is an opportunity to feel inspired during this time, take time between your projects and don’t start too many activities at once. Mars is showing an underlying sign of aggression and anger that could be lurking if you’re not careful with the number of projects you take on at a time. The Ace of Wands also means high energy and with Mars showing up with the first card, could be a good sign but I would still be cautious.

Second Card and Dice

The Nine of Pentacles is signaling that this season will be successful in the terms you deem success. Leo, famous and highly regarded for his popularity, caters to himself and is calling for you to be selfish during this time. Pentacles bring wealth, increased finances, and growth. When showing up in a reading, if you take time to yourself and be selfish and put one foot in front of the other the way a Virgo would, it’s showing to be very rewarding. Or it’ll bring such reward to your personal life that situations will fall into alignment for you. Leo can be a very lucky sign for how it’s linked to success and for it to be in this reading, you can expect a turning point for you during this season. On September 6th, Mars will trine Pluto, which means this transit will give us a boost in energy. Make sure to write this down in your calendar so you can utilize this energy to your benefit.  

Third Card and Dice

If you don’t utilize this energy, then The Page of Cups reversed shows much prominence that we will lose our opportunity to create and all our ideas will leave us and travel to someone else. The page of cups says this is a time to tend to your needs, to give attention to the inner child within you because that’s where your best ideas and creation come from. The 5th house showing up in this reading is a strong indication of this as well since the 5th house represents playfulness, childlike spirit, self-expression, and creativity. In the meantime, at the beginning of September we’ll be entering the shadow period of Mars retrograding in Gemini. So from now until he actually starts moving, which will be October 30th, things might be a little tense for us which is why we need to take time and find things we enjoy such as coloring, reading a book, and taking a walk outside while it’s still warm. During Virgo season, though, there will be a Full moon in Pisces. The moon phases leading up to its completion are an opportunity for success, which will help lift our spirits to be more positive. Use the full moon energy to take a bath and practice silent meditation to help the creativity flow.

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By Anaya Thomas

Writing has always been my passion and even though we were always on again, off again, I finally feel like I found the sweet spot on what I want to say

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