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Collective Reading for Leo Season 2022

I hope everyone had a wonderful Cancer Season. I know for myself, that it was eye-opening and a time for me to reanalyze my thinking process. Sometimes you don’t realize a situation bothered you, until you take a moment to process it. I learned to make room to address whatever was bothering me at the moment; no matter when the situation happened. That’s the beauty of Cancer Season; checking in on how you are feeling and refining your comfortability. Let’s see what Leo Season has in store for us.

Mars showing up in this reading is very on brand for fire sign Leo, but the 4 of wands is signaling to us that we’re not feeling supported at this moment. When good things happen in our life we want to share them with the people we love, but sometimes, our happiness is just that; our happiness. This card is saying that you’re disappointed by your peers’ reactions; whether it is from your family or your friends. Maybe they didn’t respond in a way you liked and it actually kind of bummed you out. Don’t let this get you down though, with Leo ruling the first house, it’s saying that this is your time to shine. Mars is a pioneering planet, that once it paves a way for you, you better buckle up because there’s no stopping. Your peers will come around eventually but right now, this time is all about you.

And because of the negative feedback from your family and friends, it will impact you; but only if you let it. The two of swords is saying that this situation is making you confused because you’re questioning the positivity that’s happening in your life at this time. The Astro-dice is showing Virgo energy which is a caring and acts of service type of zodiac, but Mercury being its ruling planet can make Virgo harsh at times. Virgo is calling for you to analyze what’s in front of you and to look at each situation as it presents itself. Aside from this inflation, we might be heading towards another pandemic, which means people have a lot on their plate right now. A lot is happening in people’s lives and on the other hand, people’s coping mechanisms aren’t always the best; so take it with a grain of salt. These positive moments are special and impactful for you to progress in your journey and that’s all that should matter.

With every new beginning in life, there may be moments of challenges. Don’t let this distract you from this new journey you’re embarking on. Between the lackluster of your relationships and the challenges you might face, it’s going to be a lot for you, but what better way than to accept this than during Leo Season? Besides, Mercury is going to be entering Virgo 8/11, which should give you the strength to be quick-witted and organized with your thoughts. Another bonus is Venus is going to be entering Libra, which will provide you with a boost in harmony in how you communicate.

P.S: I’m offering readings on my Etsy shop, if your interested, stop over there to purchase a reading. Hope to hear from you soon!


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