Collective Reading for Gemini & Cancer 2022

I hope you all had a wonderful Taurus season, I know for me it was life changing. I got a promotion, I learned a lot about myself, and found the value not only in material wealth but in desire. I never really asked myself what I really wanted out of life, until Gemini season came. I accurately predicted how my Taurus would go and I’m continuously reaping the benefits. And since we’re in Cancer season, it’s shown me how I need to cater to my needs, even with all these new changes in my life. Not even being aware that Saturn was about to retrograde around this time, it shocked me how much my life has changed in a few weeks. Saturn is about challenging yourself, so you can gain the best possible outcome. Still trying to balance all the new changes happening, thanks to my Libra rising sign, let’s see what happened to us in Gemini season and how Cancer Season can support that change.

Pluto showing up with the moon in reverse is only showing us that we’ve been tricked by our illusions and we need to take a step back to evaluate. We have convinced ourselves out of situations for far too long and talked ourselves out of what could possibly be a positive situation. The moon is all about our emotions, how we feel about ourselves, and the world around us. Pluto is there to unveil that, what we thought, might not be the reality and Pluto will make sure of that. Since this being in the beginning of our reading, she’s here to show us we need to transform ourselves. What we were doing before is not working, and we might even have to take a few steps back.

The Ace of Cups reversed showing up in this reading is just furthering that we’re wasting our emotions and focusing on the wrong thing. Taurus is calling for us to be practical on how we view our situation because if we don’t then by the ace of cups being reversed, it’ll drain all our power. Taurus views on the world are focusing on our senses. So here’s how you change your perspective: activate your senses. Light a candle or burn incense, take a nice shower, clean your home (will symbolize organizing your mind), eat some amazing food while playing songs that make you want to dance. This is how you bring yourself back home; back to your awareness of yourself.

By doing this and The World showing up as our last card, shows us great reward. The World will be at our feet once we cater to ourselves and our needs. I’ve always said that Gemini is the fire of all air signs and the fact that Mercury was moving during this time, then Saturn started retrograde soon after, shows that we’re going to be putting in the work, not only materialistically, but within our personal world as well. 8th house is all about death, resurrection, things we find taboo. Utilize this time to bring an end to things that no longer work, try that new hobby you’ve been putting off to the side or explore your hidden sexual pleasures. This time is all about you and your view on your personal world. Be mindful that Saturn is on the move and he will call you to be cautious as well as to take on more than you can chew. Just breathe, take your time, and bring yourself back to center

Cancer season wants to bring old ways of thinking to an end, that’s what the Death card is symbolizing. We still need to work on our Moon signs, meaning our emotions. Cancer tends to pull on our emotional strings, so past situations may come up during this time that’ll make us feel more emotional than usual; even the things we may feel that we overcame. This only happens because there’s phases we need to accomplish. In life, sometimes situations will resurface to show us what else we need to work on or how far we’ve come in our growth. I mentioned before that Saturn is retrograding and will not stop until Oct. 23rd. Hopefully, these ups and downs will only be temporary during cancer season but it’s definitely going to be high during this period.

The 9 of Wands reverse is saying that if we don’t take on this task and revamp our old ways of thinking, it can really hurt us in the end. This card is saying if we don’t address this now, then for the rest of the year we’ll distance ourselves in a way that will be counteractive in what we’re trying to accomplish; which is growth. Remember that Saturn will be hovering over you. Scorpio is calling for us to dive deep into our subconscious and really find the root of where we lost our way. Maybe we brushed a situation off that really needs to be addressed? Whatever that might be for you, journal to figure it out and work on that for Cancer season. Saturn will guide you in your endeavors because even though he is a hard planet, he is one of great reward.

6 of pentacles is signaling to us that once we overcome this, it will bring great accolades. You will be able to share your growth with others around you and it will also put you on a path you never thought about. The 9th house showing up also supports this message as well. The 9th house is about expansion, which is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Expect travel (whether it’s literal or not), different ways of learning about the occult, your personal world, and also achieving new levels of higher learning, increasing your wisdom.The possibilities are endless when it comes to the 9th house; and it almost never looks the way we think it will. Whatever this looks like for you, embrace it in every way possible. Lean in and be prepared for the challenges that’s on its way to you.

By Anaya Thomas

Writing has always been my passion and even though we were always on again, off again, I finally feel like I found the sweet spot on what I want to say

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