Why Are In Mojo Bags So Good — And Why You Should Incorporate Them In Your Practice

Anyone who is anyone has noticed that I’ve been decreasing the amount of content I’ve been putting out. And to be quite frank, I’m not going to apologize for it; we all know what’s going on in the world and if you don’t then look it up. But a big change has happened in my life. Aside from me being in the mist of my Saturn return or this inflation taking all of our money or even these gas prices skyrocketing, I wanted to talk about magick. One most vital aspect the pandemic showed me, was that magick will always be consistent in my life. Shit, even when I try to act ‘normal’ everyone can just smell the essence of magick in my aura; it will never leave my being so why ignore it? Even though the world is always in constant chaos, spirituality will and forever be consistent in my life. And as of recently, I’ve incorporated, what some of us might call as a mojo bag. Last year, I was reading a book on hoodoo for beginners and the author mentions mojo bags or gris gris, as some may call it. Weeks after stumbling across this phenomena, they were just consistently on my mind; this is what I learned after creating my own.

In this video, Elemi shows us how to create a basic mojo bag. She mentions that you can hang it in your home (if that’s something your interested in). Even though people aren’t generally suppose to see your mojo bag, if someone sees it, they probably don’t know what it is anyways, thus it’s somewhat safe enough to be in someone’s eyes.

Now, I’ve heard of mojo bags here and there but I don’t think I was ready to really utilize them until last year when I was reading about general hoodoo. I imagine they’ve been around for centuries but googles recollection of them was during the First World War when enslaved Africans wanted protection from the law, to attract love, needed employment, or to speak with spirits. Reading over the Wikipedia page real quick, it says that even when the trans-Atlantic slave trade happen, many Africans had their version of mojo bags on them. They were also made in many different ways too, such as sewed into quilts or pieces of cloth and string to close them or hung around the neck, some women even wore them under their skirts, around their waist. I found most interesting that Wikipedia mentions a man who was a pastor at a church, who needed more people to attend, and so he utilized a mojo bag. But after 4 years, he didn’t feel comfortable using it anymore and thus he threw it out. Call it coincident, but that’s when people stopped attending the church.

The reason I fell in love with mojo bags is because it’s literally a bag that you can focus your energy on and thus keep adding to it; making it stronger and more potent the longer you have it. In other words, it kind of turns into a little pet once you have your initial bag. I’ve heard people name them, give them a gender, to help form a bound so they can best utilize its purpose. I’ve really grown to value mojo bags, it’s something that I’ve really put a lot of effort in and have really tried to gain as much information as possible on them. In a round about way, there basically drawn out enchantments that you keep feeding; so the results are basically endless. It’s stronger than fixing candles too, that’s why I value mojo bags.

Even though mojo bags are suppose to be kept secret, when I created mine, I got a promotion at work, I gained the courage to go back to school, and it’s even made me more aware of my surroundings; more in tuned with the energies around me. And my bag worked fairly fast (within 6 months of creating my first bag). Most people use the color red, but I’m really fascinated with color association. To do this, look up colors and their spiritual reasoning and see what closely matches what your trying to accomplish. For basic color association: white for protection, black for banishing, orange for opportunity, pink for love, and red for fast workings. Also use complimentary herbs, crystals, and items to add to the bag as well. Herbs like catnip promote friendly spirits to help you with your endeavors, anise for protection, and cinnamon for wealth to name a few. Pennies to increase wealth, ancestor money for guidance, your personal sigil, crystals for added support, and whatever else you think your mojo bag needs. When creating I like to use the support of a white candle and/or burning an incense. To me, smells set the mood but it’s not required when creating your bag. Once your done, creating your bag, give em’ a name.

To feed your bag, you want to continuously add to your bag. Some people use scented, regular oils and/or powdered herbs and crystals, but whatever solid material you use, make sure you talk to your bag as well as pray over it. You can also feed your bag by simply praying over it as well. I fed my bag once every 2 weeks and I tried to be consistent on feeding the bag the same day I created them. So if I created him on Saturday, once every two weeks, I would feed him on Saturday. You want to keep this bag on your person, in your bag or even in your bra. Sleep with them next to your bed at night, make sure they’re with you all day, every day. By me doing this, it really started to change my perspective on the creation of this bag. I know for me in particular whenever I start something new, I tend to have a little doubt. I think in everyone’s practice, we always question if something is going to work or not. But by continuously working with this bag, feeding him biweekly, and building a connection my doubt started to go away and that’s when the bag started to work for me.

I really enjoyed watching this video and the different uses for them. I truly liked that he mentions your bag should become your little friend because in hindsight, it does become that. He also mentions to keep it on your person, once it’s made.

After a while, I’d say about 6 months or so the stuff in the bag does need to be changed and when that happens, take all the items out of the bag, throw away old herbs, maybe even wipe some of the oil away and replace it. I just recently started placing my herbs on brown paper and adding some of my home made tincture to the herbs as a preservative. Placing the herbs and oils on the brown paper bag, will prolong the longevity of the bag and also helps you change and maintain the herbs inside. (For a bonus tip, you can write on the brown paper, then add your herbs). If the bag starts to get worn down, take the items in the bag out and place them in a new bag. If for any reason you need to throw your bag away and the items inside as well, bury your bag and thank them for their service. If your like me and don’t have a place for your bag to be buried, take the items out of the bag and place them in separate garbages away from your home, while thanking them for their service.

The most important take away for mojo bags, are they’re personal to you, so you can create them and care for them, anyway you’d like. Some people prefer to keep them secret and others like to wear them around their neck like a necklace to show other people they’re being protected. Either way, do what’s best for what fits your practice.

By Anaya Thomas

Writing has always been my passion and even though we were always on again, off again, I finally feel like I found the sweet spot on what I want to say

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