Collective Reading for Taurus Season 2022

I hope you all had a wonderful Aries season, a lot was brought to light for me to be honest. One thing I can appreciate about Aries season (especially since I’ve been aware more recently), is the fiery energy that Aries has to offer. If you want something to be revealed to you, Aries season is a perfect time to ask for this. I know a lot of people talk badly about Aries but I’ve realized that, they’re that friend that has high energy all the time and wants what’s best for you, even if you don’t see it for yourself and will kick out what’s negatively impacting you; even if it had been a norm for you. If you did not experience this, then don’t worry, we will see what Taurus season has in store for you.

The theme of travel is going to be prominent for Taurus season; whether it’s going to be positive or negative, is truly up to you and your situation. This card is indicating to me that you’ve either been working really hard and have been unhappy, which will result in making some drastic changes or the projects you’ve been working on are coming to end and now it’s time to go on a different journey to utilize you and what you have to offer. Mars being placed here is signaling that it may be abrupt or something is brewing that’s causing you to go in this direction, maybe excitement or being tired of the same old routine, Mars will provide you what you need in order to make the necessary changes. Taurus seasons is about, in essence, what we value and what makes us feel the most comfortable; hence Taurus being ruled by Venus and Venus representing what makes us feel loved and comfortable, satisfied, pleasured even. Be careful of the negative side of Venus, which can be obsession, possession, jealousy, and even revenge.

Strength reverse is warning us that because of these new changes, we could also experience some fears as well as doubts within ourselves or by watching our peers. Strength represents our own personal strengths and when it’s in the reverse position, it’s warning us or plainly telling us we need to make some changes about how we feel in general. What I can appreciate about Capricorn is even though (and I promise no shade), they like to seem as though they have everything together, but in reality they fake it until they make it. Capricorn coming up in this reading is signaling to us that we need to work at getting out of the negative space that could be lingering around us. During Taurus season, find some self love affirmations that will change your outlook on yourself and your surroundings. Mercury will be entering Gemini around this time and Pluto will be retrograding to Capricorn as well as a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus, so there’s going to be a lot happening around this time, make sure to go easy on yourself and repeat the affirmation, ‘everything will be okay’.

By doing this The Star card is showing us we will be rewarded by the end of Taurus season. And by the 12 house also showing up in this reading, we will end up coming out better than when we entered and ready for the next stage which will be Gemini season.


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