TV Review: The Witches of East End

I found out about this show from TikTok. Two women were comparing themselves to the show and when I looked up the tag, everyone was raving about it so I had to check it out. I’m really happy I did because its a good show. You learn about astral projection, reincarnation, twin flames and soul mates, writing spells, and much more. I really enjoyed this show and I wish their was another season, even though the last season, I fast forward through some of because the story had a dry spot. Overall, I do recommend this show, because it just grabs your attention immediately.

Info on Show

Where to watch it: I watched it on Hulu

  • Apple TV: $1.99 per episode
  • Google Play: $1.99
  • Amazon: $1.99 per episode
  • Vudu: $1.99 per episode
  • YouTube: $1.99 per episode

First Impressions

The first episode was what drew me into the show; which is good because that means the pilot did good. Freya, which is one of the daughters, is on her way to her engagement party when Freya’s telling her sister that she had a dream about a man; that wasn’t her fiancé. When the show did the flash back of her dream, you see her with this man as they share a very passionate kiss. Next thing you know, she see’s him at her engagement party and *spoiler alert* he’s Freya’s (one of the main characters), fiancé’s brother. From that moment alone, I was hooked on this show. For the show to already bring up twin flames right in the beginning and touched on reincarnation, was the right show for me.


So I found out that this show is modeled after a book series, written by Melissa de la Cruz. After reading the descriptions of each book, which there’s only 3, they seem very different from the actual show. I definitely want to read the books, to see how much different the books are from the show but like always, they always end up being better and with much more detail than the show. One thing I noticed, just from reading the description alone is that, the daughters know they have powers. In the show, their unaware of their powers until later on into the seasons. Melissa de la Cruz is of filipino decent and is best known for her young adult novels.


The show starts off by showing a house, with people entering the home. People are getting out of a black car and entering the same place the camera shows first, then the camera pans out, and it looks like it’s something of a nature trail with trees, and then you see a woman with a stick carving something in the ground. There’s an older couple walking this trail, they talk to one another asking each other if they know this person that’s carving into the ground. They shout out this person’s name, “Is that Joanna Beauchamp? Evening Joanna, heading to the big engagement party?” As the man is speaking, their dog is barking uncontroably. What looks like Joanna, which we’ll learn is the mother of two of the main characters in this story, stops and looks at the older couple, as the husband turns and grabs his wife so they can walk away. Joanna manages to get in front of the older couple and as she’s looking at them, her face changes, then you hear the older woman scream and then the intro pops up.


Each episode is about 43 minutes, there’s only 2 seasons, 10 episodes in the 1st season and 13 episodes in season 2.  The show got cancelled because ratings went down, which is unfortunate because I feel like season 2 was just picking up and I would’ve like to see how the women grew into their powers, especially since they’re powerful together and all have strengths.

Final Thoughts

I truly enjoyed this show, my only critique is I don’t like how they make Ingrid’s character. I’m hoping by reading the book that, it clears up how her personality is, but overall, I don’t like how the show portrayed her. And it’s funny, because she’s the most powerful witch, she can open portals by herself and is super smart. I don’t want to give too much of the show away but I do find when she falls in love, she gets dumb. I do like how they explain their magic, just like other shows do, but this is the first show I’ve come across (so far) that explains soul ties and how not every soul is not going to benefit you.


By Anaya Thomas

Writing has always been my passion and even though we were always on again, off again, I finally feel like I found the sweet spot on what I want to say

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