What Is A Mercury Sign and Why Is It Important: Here’s Why

For the past few weeks I’ve been struggling trying to write some thing and have been falling short. No matter how much I tried the thoughts in my head cannot be transferred through my fingers to the computer. No matter how hard I tried I just, one, couldn’t focus or two, get distracted. As I’ve posted on Twitter, sometimes distractions will lead you to a better path, than the one you were going down before you got distracted; and that’s exactly what happened. While scrolling on Twitter I found out that at the time, Mercury was entering into Sagittarius. Let’s dive deep into seeing what that truly means and why everyone freaks out when Mercury wears box braids; because not only is she a bad b*tch, but she disrupts everything.

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What’s Mercury Backstory?

To give a little info on Mercury, mercury is a non-gender planet. This planet is not feminine nor masculine but you can choose to refer to Mercury as such. Things relating to communication such as newspapers, my blog or other blogs, journalism, writing, emails, phones, the neighborhood around you, intelligence and local travel is what Mercury governs. The ruling signs are Gemini and Virgo so the parts of the body that Mercury governs as well is arms, hands, lungs, throat and stomach. So it makes sense why when Mercury is in retrograde, at least for me, is when I feel my most blockage. Wanting to create during those moments are hard for me because I feel the backwards motion putting a halt on my creativity; that’s why I schedule everything even when Mercury isn’t retrograding. The times I look forward to the most is when, she’s retrograding in a sign that boosts my creativity, I use the energy during that time to make up for the moments when I don’t feel motivated at all.

What Does Mercury Retrograde Mean?

Mercury is the ruler of all communication so that’s why whenever Mercury is on the move it puts everyone in a frenzy because we can misunderstand what other’s are trying to tell us. Retrograde means that the planet appears to be moving backwards. And when that happens, it can cause mistakes with technology meaning not being clear when sending out an email, or like I said me trying to write and feeling blocked; it can basically cause disruptions. People also find that ex’s come back into the picture but I read on twitter that, that means you have some lessons to learn from those previous situations that’ll improve your character development; it’s up to you to make the decision if you if you’ve graduated from those situations or not. Mercury retrogrades 4 times a year and before the retrograde starts, meaning there’s a shadow period before the planet starts moving and after the planet goes direct (appears to stop moving). The general months that Mercury moves backwards is January to February, May to June, and September to October. Mercury follows the Sun’s movement through the zodiac but can be stationed in different zodiacs at a time; meaning last year, Mercury could’ve retrograded into Sagittarius but this year could’ve retrograded into Capricorn, it all depends on the actual date that Mercury starts moving and ends.

Why Should I Ask Someone’s Mercury Sign?

As someone like myself, who lacks fire but has a lot of water, air, and earth in their chart, sometimes I feel its imperative for me to find a way to communicate with someone, based on what their Mercury sign is. Mine is in Libra, in 17º which is the degree of Aquarius (I’ll discuss this in another post). Not only do I have to have an internal debate about which option is the better one, but I use my critical thinking skills (that I was blessed with because of Aquarius), to further my decisions on things. Do I take a long time making decisions? Hell yes, but does taking time benefit me in the long run? Sometimes, depends on the situation. It wasn’t until I took a look at my chart that I figured out, why I was like this and why sometimes, I have to take in others opinions to further my decisions. I’ve grown to like my Libra sign, because it’s prevented me from making impulsive choices, I’ve also learned to listen to my intuition and to relay on my own opinions rather than out sourcing; which I can be thankful for due to Libra being in exalted (highly favored) in Saturn. On the other hand it does take me a long time to make up my mind, but I wouldn’t have it any other way, to be honest. By me looking into my Mercury sign and looking into my loved ones signs as well, I find that I’m able to understand how miscommunications go. Like for example, I know someone who has a Mercury sign in Leo. Leo’s fire sign can sometimes come off as their way, or the high way; but not all the time though, just when they’ve made up their minds. What I realized is that, when (especially if they get to a point of being heated), once they’ve calmed down, their better receptive of your point of view. For me, I have patience but I understand people who read this and will completely write this off as not doing this; which is completely okay. Let’s take a look at how Mercury Responds in the signs.

Mercury Through The Signs

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Mercury in Aries

Thinking of Aries as a solo sign, makes me think of rapid energy and straight to the point. Don’t take long in sharing a story and if they have something to say, best believe they will say it; no matter who is talking in the moment. Other placements do play a part in how all of this works but for the most part, I can see Aries taking the lead in conversations; even if they don’t know what the f*ck their talking about.

Mercury in Taurus

Talk about being hard headed, Taurus does what they want, when they want to. This blunt sign not only keeps it real but can wear their heart on their sleeve. They like to keep their ideas practical and in a very realistic way. When most people like to have a middle ground, this sign does not, especially when it comes to their ideals and beliefs.

Mercury in Gemini

Gemini is rule by Mercury so theirs very high intelligence here. Some people think of Gemini as having scattered brain which can happen but it’s not always the case. These signs know a lot and can sometimes rub others the wrong way; but don’t take it personal. Knowledge is a big ego stroke for them; like a peacock showing off their feathers. And they love to show people how much they know, which shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing.

Mercury in Cancer

Because Cancer is ruled by the moon, this placement could overly share their feelings or be so moved by them they shut down. I know a few Cancers myself and when social media refers to them as ‘sensitive’ it usually means running at people with knives (just joking of course). Since Mercury is the planet of communication, Cancer can actually struggle here. Some advice for this signs is to journal to help them analyze their emotions and communicate them better.

Mercury in Leo

Leo is said to be fall in Mercury, meaning that Mercury is it’s weakest in the sign Leo. This placement demands attention, and is generally captivating when standing at attention; most of the time they don’t even have to try, to get noticed. Since Mercury is about how we communicate and based around our intelligence and Leo ruling over the ego, these two can collide sometimes and cause issues among how this placements thinks. Causing some to be stuck in their way of thinking and not exploring much outside of them. With these placements, my advice is to practice open-mindedness, even if the idea sounds crazy, entertain it, you never know where it might take you.

Mercury in Virgo

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which can cause this placement to be subtle and help others with sharing useful information. As a Virgo placement myself, I can vouch for wanting to keep things in order, especially for me to function properly. Mercury in Virgo can be impatient at times but they love to give a helping hand to the people around them; that’s due to Virgo’s act of service quality. Although I just found that, according to Cafe´ Astrology, Mercury in Sagittarius and Gemini can sometimes have a hard time communicating with Mercury in Virgo; which is something to remember. This is a sign that’s really good for spreading information and although they can be nit picky at how a space is organized, they really are useful for information.

Mercury in Libra

Libra being the balancer of the scales and Mercury being all things knowledge and communication style, you can just imagine what it’s like to have Mercury in Libra. Some people say that Mercury in Libra can’t make decisions which is not true, they just have to weigh both options before making a concrete decision; which leaves less room for making impulse judgements. It may take them a long time to make up their mind about something but best believe that both ideas are very carefully thought about and you can bet that it’ll be the right one.

Mercury in Scorpio

Scorpio’s are known for not taking anything at face value, especially when it comes to sign in Mercury. So don’t expect to tell a Scorpio something and them not to ask further questions; and don’t lie either. I find that Scorpio’s have intense eyes and the majority of Scorpio’s I’ve communicated with, love eye contact. Don’t be intimidated by a Scorpio because their intense vibe is them just wanting to get to know you and if they can trust you, you’ve got a friend for life. I saw on Twitter that someone said, Scorpio’s are the fire sign of water signs so be careful when this sign starts to boil, because they will have tunnel vision.

Mercury in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is said to be in detriment in Mercury, meaning when Mercury is in Sagittarius it’s opposite of it’s ruling sign. Mercury rules Gemini and Sagittarius is Gemini’s polar opposite. I’ve always saw Sagittarius as the philosopher’s of the whole zodiac and when this sign is in Mercury I can only imagine the type of knowledge that Mercury will have here. This fire sign can get passionate about knowledge and love room to be able to explore and challenge their ideas. I can definitely see this sign being an amazing professor as an occupation.

Mercury in Capricorn

Capricorns practical side reminds me of a couch hyping up their team and going over game plans before the actual event. What I appreciate about Capricorns, at least the texture book version of them, is there focus on cutting away dreamy ideas and living in a pragmatic way. Now this can be difficult for them on a learning standpoint because taking big amounts of knowledge can be too much for them; so be concise, straight forward, and cut to the chase. I think people like this are awesome for outlandish conversations and to help people who generally have their heads in the clouds, to bring them back to reality. On the contrary though, these people can also benefit from opening their minds eye and hearts to conversation’s that they may deem as unworthy. I think Mercury in Capricorn can benefit from conversations with Mercury in Pisces and Sagittarius

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury is said to be exalted in Aquarius meaning that, Mercury is it’s happiest in Aquarius. You probably have an amazing way with your words or have soft sounding voice that just catches everyones attention, or your ideas are just pure outer worldly. Aquarius are free thinkers, so generally the learning opportunities are endless with this sign. I think this air sign can have a conversation with pretty much anyone and make everyone feel comfortable. Mercury enjoys being here and the mind of an Aquarian is full of adventure and experiments.

Mercury in Pisces

Pisces is said to be in detriment in Mercury, meaning when Mercury is in Pisces it’s opposite of it’s ruling sign. Mercury rules Virgo and Pisces is Virgo’s polar opposite. Dreamy Pisces tend to live in their heads and can over think situations because of how watery Pisces is. I would give Pisces the same advice I gave Cancer which is to journal so you can navigate through your emotional waters. Your also very intuitive so journaling will help with this as well.

I hope after reading this post, you’ll think about what someone’s Mercury sign is. It can really be beneficial in understanding someone the next time you have a conversation or when Mercury decides to go backwards.


By Anaya Thomas

Writing has always been my passion and even though we were always on again, off again, I finally feel like I found the sweet spot on what I want to say

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