What Does Pluto Return Mean For The Us? Here’s What To Expect

If the pandemic wasn’t enough, America is having their very first Pluto return and I’m feeling all kinds of emotions about this. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing to worry about, then again, Pluto is the ruler of the underworld, things we’re obsessed with, and uncovering our shadow selves. Although, at the beginning of 2020 we had a conjunction with Pluto and soon after we had a pandemic, I’m sure that this time it’s not that, and more about our psyche and finances. Let’s take a look at when Pluto returns to its original spot, what that might look like for us.

The US has never experienced a Pluto Return since Pluto takes about 248 years to go through signs; meaning no one has ever been alive to see a Pluto Return in their natal chart. If you’re not familiar with Pluto, scientist have always said it wasn’t a planet because it doesn’t meet the qualifications for one, but I think that’s just because their scared of what she represents. Besides the planets we talk about all the time (I’ve got my eye on Mercury right now), Pluto represents death, rebirth, and transformation. Seeing that Pluto is going to be in precisely the same sign when the US was founded, Capricorn, and in the 2nd house, as well has us being in a full-fledged pandemic could push us further into the digital age; we must investigate this.

Therefore, I believe that it’s very telling of what the theme for the next two years is going to be; finances. During the pandemic period, people were losing their jobs at a rapid rate, whether it was layoffs or unemployment, but I also observed a lot of people going into business for themselves. In a paradoxical way, it tells me that while Pluto is in motion, we might want to re-evaluate our old ways of making money, such as working for others, simply because Pluto stands for challenging power dynamics.

This opens the door to The Age of Aquarius because it means that people will have more of an opportunity to work digitally. Traveling to the office has a bigger potential of being a thing of the past and working from home might be the new normal. In my opinion, I’m kind of excited about this because that means people will have, at least I hope, better work place environments. I understand that not everyone will have the space in their home to work but I imagine, having a difficult or off day while carrying out work duties in your home is a very drastic difference, compared to being in an office or department store and dealing with those emotions. During this period, will be a long roller coaster ride which our collective unconscious will discover and uncover what needs to be.

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Transit Calendar for 2022

While traveling, Pluto will mingle with her friends until she stops moving backwards, which will take 4 months, including her shadow period. On top of that, Mercury will be retrograding January 14th til February 5th, this transit also includes Mars and Jupiter. The last few days of 2021, Jupiter moves into its home sign Pisces, which means we at least kick off 2022 on a positive note with Jupiters growth and expansive energy. With Venus shadow period being from Nov. 17th til March 1st, Venus will only be retrograding for about 40 to 43 days into Capricorn. Mars will be stationed in Sagittarius on January 24, 2022. Even though Venus has been retrograding since December 19th, at least she’ll be slowing down January 29th in Capricorn.

How The Transit Will Affect Us?

During this time my best advice is to take it easy on yourself. This period is going to be like Mercury Retrograde on crack. With past relationships coming back up and re-evaluating what we truly value is going to be the theme for Pluto’s return. Theirs going to be a lot of energy going around so be careful with your decisions. With Venus entering Capricorn we will analyze our relationships, how we spend money, and how we balance work and pleasure. Capricorn being the staple for hard work and Venus, what we pleasure and value, you could more than likely put work on the back burner; by wanting to relax more than work hard. Jupiter entering Pisces may make us want to be more proactive in connecting with people who we have interests with. Pluto will only make these feelings, more concrete since this planet is all about transformation. Don’t be surprised if theirs a lot of people who end up quitting their job or having midlife crisis. Our biggest take away for Pluto return is to focus on shadow work because this transit will make us look inward to what we value and where we can commit ourselves.


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