Collective Reading for Aquarius Season

Like I always say, I hope you all had a wonderful Capricorn season, where you were not working too hard. Although we just had New Years, I hope some of you took my advice to celebrate New Years, at the end of Pisces, beginning of Aries season. That way, we can use Aquarius’s optimism, highly creative, and progressive energy to put forth some practical goals that we can accomplish and feel like we’re doing something right for us. I’m excited to see what Aquarius season has in store for us, so let’s take a look at what the cards say.

Our planetary dice is showing us Saturn, which is the father of hard work, responsibilities, and determination. The fact that The Chariot is in reverse, this is telling me that there’s a lack of structure going on during this time period. If you’re not aware, Venus is entering Capricorn so this is a perfect time for you to analyze where your lacking and prioritize what’s more important. Venus being what we value, what our pleasures are and Capricorn, how we make money and being practical, is perfect for Saturn and The Chariot to be showing up in our reading. Another benefit is that Jupiter will be entering Pisces so we’re more inclined to find people who we have common interests with. With these planets on the move, we can utilize this energy to our benefit. Make a list, if your into that, and see what doesn’t serve you anymore. Maybe working for 3 hours is good enough, it’s okay to take a break and binge watch reality tv. This time period is for you to throw away what no longer serves you.

That’s why Cancer is showing up for our zodiac sign. Cancer represents the home, or in other words yourself. But the 9 of cups is saying that you don’t feel as if you accomplished enough. In everyones life, there is a patch of dullness, but it’s necessary because when the action starts again, it’ll add to enjoyment. Because The Chariot is in reverse and Cancer are in the same reading, it seem as though you need to do some cleaning; both physically and spiritually. Not only is cleaning a symbolism for getting rid of the old, but it’s also a way to bring in the new. I can almost guarantee that as soon as you clean up the clutter, abundance will be knocking at your door in a way you never expected.

But you have to be patient, because the King of Wands reverse is saying that if your not, it can bring out the negative side of you. This reading takes place in the 7th house, so that’s personal and close relationships, businesses, or unidentified people that can form into a new partnership; either romantic, platonic, or business wise.


By Anaya Thomas

Writing has always been my passion and even though we were always on again, off again, I finally feel like I found the sweet spot on what I want to say

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