Collective Reading for Capricorn Season

I hope everyone had an amazing Sagittarius season. I was able to get some relaxation done as well as trying to find a sense of humor during this time. Sagittarius was calling for us to relax but to also not take things seriously and to explore our creative side during this time. For myself, I had to learn this lesson, which I will take with me into the next season. Let’s see what todays reading is going to tell us to expect next.

Capricorn season is all about business but maybe we should go back to the drawing board and properly plan an outline of what direction we want our business to go. North Node is all about our life’s purpose, so your on the right path for achieving your dreams but don’t push yourself too hard trying to get everything right. Go back to the drawing board and plan a little more, rather than trying to take on everything all at once. Page of Swords is telling us to not let the disappointment break you; dust yourself off, get back up, and take a break from your tasks. A word of advice is, if things aren’t working out today, you can always try again tomorrow. Being well rested and looking at your projects with restful eyes and food in your belly will produce a better project, then trying to push through your struggles.

That’s what the 3 of Wands is warning us, there’s going to be a lot of blocks during this time. Don’t let them phase you though, their all apart of the bigger picture. Such as, memorabilia of how you overcame complications and still succeeded. Remember these blockages and obstacles are part of your story to share when your projects become completed. Use the characteristics of Gemini to help you with achieving these completions; such as Geminis duality. Being able to keep up with the ever-changing obstacles during Capricorn season will help you be more adaptable and develope your skills. One way of doing this, that I especially learned during Sagittarius season, was to not take everything so seriously. Whatever doesn’t work out, you just have to take a break and try again later or try again tomorrow. This motto will be a staple on how you conquer Capricorn season.

Once you’ve been easy on yourself and making sure to be adaptable and utilizing the ever-changing obstacles that Gemini will throw your way, the six of hearts (aka six of cups), is reminding you to not hold on and reminisce too much in the past. The saying goes to much of anything is considered bad for us. So when you’ve overcome your, obstacles, congratulate yourself. Think about the strategies you used to help you during this time, but don’t linger too long in these memories. Because what the cards are telling me is that, if you spend too much time in the past you’ll start to over analyze and thus being counterproductive in your accomplishments. The house where this will take place in, is the 7th house. And the seventh house rules close partnerships such as relationships, business, new contracts, and new partnerships.


By Anaya Thomas

Writing has always been my passion and even though we were always on again, off again, I finally feel like I found the sweet spot on what I want to say

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