How To Not Have A Bad Day: Quick Guide For People Who Really Need It

Since going back to work, I thought the skills that I taught myself during the pandemic were going to be successful. And they were; until everyone started going back to work. Now the roads are jammed packed, people are driving slower than ever, no one has consideration for anyone else, and the atmosphere is almost like how it was before the pandemic. Which sucks, because it was life altering. I made sure to find and practice some tools that I can do if I’m, one, low on energy and can put together quickly and two, practical. Living in the city where it’s fast pace, everything is extreme and anxiously timed. So to have long, drawn out rituals is not ideal for me. More importantly, I think my steps can help anyone who doesn’t have the time frame to set aside for themselves or are on the go like me. First and foremost before diving deep into this article, always try to make time for yourself even if it’s only 10 mintues, time is more precious than money, so take time to really check in with yourself and make sure your okay.

This past Monday has been something else. I haven’t felt this energy in a little over a year, so when it latched itself onto me, I literally… panicked. The time shift messed up my routine, so what would be a 6:30 morning routine, turned into 5:30. Then technology this particular morning did not feel like working for some reason. Trying to get 10 to 20 minutes of a work out before I head to work, shower, make my breakfast, then get dressed and leave has been a steady routine for me, even when I was doing one day shifts a week at work. This morning I wasted an hour trying to fix these minor issues but was only able to do 5 minutes of a work out, got everything together and just when my morning was turning around (trying to be optimistic), my Uber almost made me late to work with the other ride he was completing. Plus, it didn’t help the traffic we encountered 20 minutes away from my job, which drew my ride out longer than usual. I’d only been working full weeks since the beginning of October and it seemed as if it was progressively getting worse.

I had become distance with myself as well as the people around me. Slowly but surely, the positive energy I’d acquire during the pandemic was slipping through my fingers. One thing I realized about starting my spiritual journey is energy and how, even if your not aware of it, it’s consistently changing and moving and flowing. And when you become aware, you can notice when the energy is high or low. It becomes a little easier to understand how to change it, even when your emotions tell you otherwise. So what I did was, while I was in the shower, starting at my neck on down, I started scrubbing my body and telling myself I want this feeling to get off me. While I was in the cab, I listened to songs that made me feel peaceful as well as played healing sounds on YouTube. I find that cardio helps the heart to start moving and helps you to focus on your breath. This is important because breath allows us to be present in the moment, you can move energy around with breath, known as breathwork exercises. Diaphragmatic breathing, Lion’s breath, Alternate nostril to name a few, helps to slow down and move energy around.

Because I had this low vibration stuck to me, I kindly told my coworkers that I’d like sometime to myself and they respected, saying they knew exactly what I was feeling. The most important step in this spiritual cleanse is notifying the people around you. This is important especially for me because I love my alone time. I recharge while spending a significant amount of time alone because I can clear my mind, meditate, do yoga, and anything else that’s going to lift my spirits up. Plus I would never want to dump this vibration on anyone else. Another step in my routine is being intentional about the color clothes I put on. I’m very big on color association and it wasn’t until recently that I discovered you can use colors for a multitude of reasons as well assign the appropriate meaning to them. Someone like me, who has to wear a uniform to work, I don’t have many options in the morning when getting ready. Using what I have such as bras, underwear, undershirts, socks, I can set an intention when putting on that color. Sometimes I’ll wear black under my uniform shirt to block negativity, or white to purify myself. I’ll wear a neutral color bra (aka brown / skin tone bra) if I want to feel grounded or pink if I want to increase my femininity. I’ll wear gray underwear if I want to increase my wisdom or green socks to help me walk into abundance.

So let’s go over what we talked about. When your having a bad day, don’t feed this negative feeling, address what’s going on and work trying to feel better. One thing that annoys me to no end is how people promote others to stop negative thoughts and emotions, we’re all human. What matters most, is how you navigate out of those negative thoughts and emotions. Ask yourself why you feel this way and what might have caused it, take a minute and breathe. If your feeling this way in the morning, get ready with intention. Meaning, whatever colors you put on, think of them as how you want them to make you feel; protected, happy, cheerful, fiery etc. If you at work already and feeling this emotion coming on, you can still enchant your clothes by taking a simple bathroom break. If you have some time to listen to music, listen to your favorite songs that’s going to feed you some positive vibrations; my favorite song is D’Angelo – Alright. By telling the people around you that your not feeling well, allows you to keep other energies at bay and work through the current energy your feeling. I find that when I’m feeling this way, it’s very easy for other negative energies to attach itself to you and we definitely don’t want that. And that’s my steps towards feeling better.


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