Book Review: A Little Bit of Intuition

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Exploring in Barnes & Nobles, I saw this book in the spirituality section. When I first got this book, the cover was what drew me in along with the title. Anything that talks about intuition, I’m interested. I thought it was going to be a quick read and it is but I read about 4 books at time; so it took me longer than expected. This book is straight to the point but I also enjoyed how the author adds their personal experience with intuition and how to use it properly. It’s been a journey, listening and understanding what true and authentic intuition is, but this book has honestly helped me decipher that better. I’m truly happy I picked this book up and I highly recommend this book to other readers. Since buying this book, I’ve used it’s techniques to help further my intuition. It’s helped me so much that I find myself telling the people around me, “well what does your intuition say.”

Retail Price

I purchased this book for $12.59 at Barns and Noble (it was on discount)

  • Amazon: $8.99 (hard copy)
  • Kindle: $4.24
  • Barns and Noble: $14.99
  • Thrift books: $16.92 (I’m surprised by this price)
  • Or you can borrow it from your local library through the Libby app

First Impressions

Looking at this book, it’s so tiny I thought it wasn’t going to have much information that was going to be so helpful; turns out that I was wrong. There was one time when I bought a book this small and it hardly had any information in it and only referred to links from the authors website. But this book though, I thought I was going to breeze through it and that wasn’t the case. I wanted to make sure that I gained all the information that I could from this book. Intuition to me, is super important when it comes to spirituality. It’s something everyone has, you can develop kind of quickly and you don’t really need to learn from anyone how to do it; it just happens on it’s own most of the time.


Catherine Allan began studying astrology while having strong psychic abilities in her teen years. At that time though, Catherine’s family weren’t really accepting of those types of abilities. So I’m guessing from the time she was a teen, up until Catherine was old enough to move to Montreal, Canada, she hadn’t talked about her abilities with anyone. Once she moved to Canada, she mentions in her bio that teachers and mentors just started approaching her out of the blue. She mentions how when your being called, people will be brought into your life to help you further your journey. She was exposed to many different spiritual practices by working in a metaphysical store for 13 years and that’s when her abilities really grew. During her time at this metaphysical store, she would offer readings to people and soon found out that she was a medium by seeing people who had passed on. I really liked that in the author’s bio she talks about how she’s given back to her community by running support groups for women, healing retreats, and Vipassana meditation retreats. She also had studied and practiced sound healing, chakra cleansing, guided meditation, reiki, Back Flower remedies, gem stone work and can clear spirits from your home. If you would like to check out her bio click here.


The book starts off by the author encouraging her readers that we all know more than we believe we do. She describes that small decisions is how we develop our intuition, that we are unconsciously making decisions based on how we feel. Think about the time you didn’t know what you wanted to eat, as you explore your options, your getting a vibe of every possible place before you decide you want to pick one. When we take the time to explore this side of ourselves, we’ll find out that we know more than we’re led on to believe. We have all the answers we need; that’s why they say trust your gut.


The book starts off by explaining what intuition is. There’s been times where I heard my intuition and completely ignored it and the only reason was because I didn’t believe it could be true. But the older I got, the more I started to listen. Even though she doesn’t touch on the difference between fear based intuition, projection, and actual intuition until later on in the book, I felt like that was probably the most important part of the book. I say this because she gives example of what each on looks like and how to tell the difference. Such as, if I’m using the bathroom and I’m already stress about something that happened at work. Next thing I know, I have a flash vision that crosses my mind that I’m going to drop my phone in the toilet, that’s fear based because fear is an imbalance of the mind. I was already stressed about work and started worrying that something else was going to happen.

Catherine also talks about real and true intuition. All intuition comes from the clair’s which is sense, touch, sight, taste, smell, and hearing. If you have a vision or a clear sudden feeling, that’s what intuition is. On the other hand though, if you have a vision or feeling and it makes you feel panicked, then that’s fear based. When I first read this, I had to go back to memory because I thought this information was wrong but it wasn’t. There’s been times where I’d see something happened and it wasn’t until after what I saw, my emotions would be tied to it. Intuition is about clear and sudden emotion, not something that lingers afterwards. And that piece of information has been really helpful to me, when it comes to my intuition

My ultimate favorite part of the book is how to test your intuition and I still do this, to this day. I most identify with clairsentient as well as clairvoyance and clairaudience. The book suggests for clairsentient, when developing your abilities to ask yourself yes or no questions; like you would a  pendulum. Using this as an example, I would phrase the question like this: getting this ice cream feels like a yes, I’ll sit and see what it feels like, then I’ll ask myself, getting this ice cream feels like a no, then I’ll wait a second and see which feeling, feels good. I use this when I can’t make a decision about something and it always works.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely loved this book and would recommend this book to any beginner whose interested in the occult. The examples and easy to understand explanations make getting to know your intuition fun. I always knew what intuition was but never knew exactly or how to properly develop it. Now, my intuitive thoughts come to me a little more effortlessly.


By Anaya Thomas

Writing has always been my passion and even though we were always on again, off again, I finally feel like I found the sweet spot on what I want to say

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