Book Review: I Became An Author On My Birthday

Ever since I became a writer, writing a book has always been a mission of mine. Being able to create a full book, with my original words, was something that seemed like a dream, but for my birthday this year I made that dream a reality. My book idea came to me so quickly! Here was my process.

Fiction writing has always been a passion of mine, so it surprised me on how quickly and freely nonfiction writing was. Nonfiction wasn’t a goal for me because I didn’t know what I would write about until a few months ago. After writing my article, The Truth About Yoni Steaming, that’s when the idea of the book hit me. I had so much information I wanted to give to women and to create a space where they can answer prompts to get to know their most truest selves. After writing that post, the idea of the book just flowed to me. I had all the ideas and wrote it down in notion. Came up with a cover, what herbs I wanted to talk about, and how to set up your most sacred space. I literally came up with an outline in minutes. The writing process took me a few months and on my birthday, I released my work.

Retail Price

Etsy: $9.16

First Impressions

Of course I got amazing first impressions and good vibes from this book. I wanted the cover to be enticing, approachable and fun. In the beginning of the book, I explain what Yoni steaming is. I really liked the part where I say that most doctors can’t say the word vulva (which by way most women don’t even know what the vulva is). By the opening statement, I just knew that the rest of this book was going have a lot of useful information.


The author, Aryelle Newell, is from New York and has been writing for 10 years. She hasn’t always had a direction for writing but loved this line of work. When she got older though, and gained more experience, she finally knew what her niche was; the metaphysical world and health. 2020, just like anybody else was an eye opener and health being the topic of discussion, she wanted to help people around her but most importantly help women heal themselves with natural herbs and remedies. She says that there’s so many women that have hormonal issues, fibroids, and being disconnected from their wombs that if a small book like this could help women then she has fulfilled the first part of her mission. The 3 o’Clock Occultis is the only blog she currently writes for but she has had many other blogs before this one. She plans to have many other books that could help men, relationships, ancestral trauma etc, just to name a few.


This book only has 5 chapters, so it’s a quick read but each chapter has information that gets right to the point. I mentioned before that the beginning describes what the word Yoni means and what purpose Yoni steaming has among women. When doing research for this book though, I had no idea that between 1920 – 1980, black and minority women where getting their wombs taken from them illegally. If a woman had went in for a medical procedure, they’re was a high chance that the doctor would perform a forced hysterectomy (or also known as Eugenics Program, which still happens today to immigrant women).

I wanted to show how important it is to connect with your bodies because their’s so many women out there that can’t even look at themselves in the mirror or wish that their periods didn’t exist. I am a woman and I understand the troubles that periods can give us, but our senses around that time of the month, are so heightened that if we’re able to combat our cramps, it’s almost like we have super powers. Our intuition is stronger, sense of smell, sense of touch, taste, hearing, all of our senses increase when we get our periods and most women don’t know that.

Final Thoughts

Even though I released this book for my birthday, I’m truly happy to share this day with other women. I want to up lift and connect women with their bodies, to show that your body deserves value, you are a goddess and your body shows you that, almost every day.

This was truly the best gift, I’ve given myself and it’s truly not my last either. I plan to have a whole bunch of books/work books under my name as well. So if your interested in checking out my book, please feel free to check my Etsy shop.


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