Collective Reading for Libra Season

I hope everyone had an amazing Virgo season, did you get to organize and utilize the virgo energy properly? If not, don’t worry. Let’s see what’s to be expected for Libra season. Remember to take what resonates with you and leave what doesn’t.

There’s going to be a lot of abundance this season with the first card being the Nine of Cups. With this card, it signals luxurious and emotional stability because cups rule water so during this period expect to go through Libra season smoothly. But don’t get cocky, as soon as you start taking things for granted, your smooth sailing will come to an end. Dive deep with love this season, Libra being the romantic zodiac, take this opportunity to show yourself some self love but be on the look out for Mars energy. When rolling the dice, Mars sat right above the first card, and because it’s Libra season, Libra is associated with Venus and they could bump heads because of Mars harshness. So although their is love in the air, do be careful for some unexpected tension, take this time chill and hang out with yourself or loved ones. Watch a scary or romance movie, maybe go out to eat and treat yourself to your favorite food. This time is about love and enjoying everything it has to offer.

With The World in reverse, you have some unfinished business since Virgo season left. Making sure you iron those out, don’t forget to celebrate yourself for all the hard work you’ve done. The World symbolizes unity, with inner and outer sources so what is holding you back? Gemini is saying maybe there’s a conversation that needs to be had with someone or maybe someone was gossiping about you and you haven’t addressed it, whatever it is, have that conversation with that person so Libra season will be filled with love and balance. Set some boundaries for yourself and with others around you but make sure to hold yourself accountable. 

With the 6th house sitting on top of 6 of Swords, watch your health this season. I’m not referring to C**id but maybe seasonal allergies or a minor cold could be creeping up during Libra season. I know my seasonal allergies have been acting up. So I’m making sure to address it now, during Virgo season, so I can fully enjoy the love that Libra season has to offer me. Drink warm teas, crawl into bed if you can, and get the necessary amount of sleep, this Libra season is about comfort and preparing ourselves for the dark, cold, and spooky Scorpio season, so treat yourself with some love and relax.


By Anaya Thomas

Writing has always been my passion and even though we were always on again, off again, I finally feel like I found the sweet spot on what I want to say

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