Collective Reading for Virgo Season

Being at the start of Virgo season, I want to try and do monthly tarot readings on what you should be on the look out for. Not only will this tell you the theme of the season and what changes to make or what to expect, but it’ll give you an insight as to what to watch out for.

This season is going to effect people with Earth sign placements the most, but all signs should be mindful of this as well. Pentacles refer to finances, growth, and security. The first card is in reverse and the complimentary astro dice is in Jupiter. You have to watch out for working too hard or pouring too much into other people and leaving yourself last. Jupiter is about expansion and abundance and although the pentacles is a sign of gaining wealth (which Virgo season is saying you can make a lot of), your going to feel like your being pulled in all different types of directions this season. Remember, before you can help anyone, you have to help yourself first, not to be selfish but how can you expect to be beneficial to others when your in a time of need as well. This season would be a perfect start to have and follow a routine of self love and mindfulness. Virgo is the energy of good health, so take this time to clean your home, light some candles, lightly organize your priorities, and really pour into yourself. The first 30 minutes or so of waking up, whether I’m getting ready for work or not I don’t open any social media or look at the news. The other 2 hours I’m thinking of things that I can do that’ll make me have an amazing day; I started doing yoga in the morning, definitely meditate for at least 5 minutes, followed up with 5 minutes of cycling, then I shower, get ready for work and leave. When Jupiter is respected, good health, wealth, and healing will be at your front door. When Jupiter is not respected, egoistic, blind optimism, and over indulgence will occur.

I can see this statement being supported by the 5 of pentacles. Virgo energy has a habit of calling people out even when they don’t want to be. The 5 of pentacles is saying that if these changes don’t happen then this season may be a very bad one. Feelings of low vibrational pulls and not feeling your best, could happen if you don’t address what needs to be address. Virgo is naturally the healer of all the zodiac, so although this reading could suck, it actually could be a great one because Virgo energy will help guide you through these emotions. The mix of Pisces and Virgo (which are polar opposites by the way), can be felt as a bit of mixed energy but with the yin and yang flow, it will compliment each other very well. The generosity, empathy and strength of Pisces, combined with the healing embrace of love, adaptability, and need for service, is an amazing combination that anyone can benefit from.

With the AstoDice pointing out the 5th house as the theme of this reading, it’s very fitting because this is the house of pleasures. What have you already tried that you may have forgotten about, that you enjoyed? The Hierophant is asking us to revisit some of the activities we’ve done in the past and to maybe implement them in our routine of self love. Maybe it’s reading, I’ve actually picked my kindle back up and started reading with it. It makes me remember the times when I was younger and would just read for hours. No distractions, no phone notifications, just enjoying the words from the book. Since then, instead of scrolling on social media, I take out my kindle and I read a few chapters.

Take a moment to see what your needs are during this Virgo season. Since this a perfect time to focus on health, start with going for a light walk around the block or grabbing a fruit smoothie. The goal is to feel completely and utterly, comfortable and to be kind to yourself. Virgo season wants you to be practical, self-effacing, and loving, because when you are, others will want to do the same thing with themselves.


By Anaya Thomas

Writing has always been my passion and even though we were always on again, off again, I finally feel like I found the sweet spot on what I want to say

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