Why You Should Use Chrysocolla Over Moldavite; A Year With Chrysocolla

About a year ago, I had made a post about Chrysocolla. I was so drawn to the crystal by the way it looked, the blue hues remind me of water but the white and green swirls resembled air and earth qualities. Trying to gain information about the crystal, one piece of information that stuck out the most was, that it was a somewhat new crystal and it’s not even a crystal, it’s classified as a gem rock. This crystal, though, boosts creativity which as a creative, I always need a boost in that area. I noticed, when I first wore this gem rock, whatever I started I’d always finish. It made me focus on whatever I was doing at the moment, but this gem rock also gave me the responsibility to take breaks, even when I didn’t want to; it was almost like my brain couldn’t function no matter how hard I focused on my task. So that aspect alone, is one huge benefit I got from this crystal. I was able to use it’s energy to produce a podcast, do more art, start writing a book, and even dabble in music a little (even though it’s just for fun). It’s like my Virgo placement was able to be more organized and think in a chronological order. I wear my Chrysocolla with Amazonite, and I truly think that these energies bounce off each other because your girls throat chakra was blocked. Now? Can’t nobody tell me anything.

Right around the time I got these crystals, I was really just collecting them. I had no purpose for them, until Chrysocolla and Amazonite crossed my path. What made me pick these two crystals? Well the creative aspect of Chrysocolla, I felt like a really needed that. I’m a creative and anything to help me stay focus on that, I’m willing to try. Before then though, I was already wearing Amazonite. I had read that it helps with unblocking chakras such as the heart and throat and those were the chakras that I wanted to work on the most. So to combine, creativity with unblocking the heart and throat chakra, I thought I was good. Boy was I not ready for the ride I was getting on. Looking up the benefits of Moldavite and for the people who don’t know what Moldavite is, it is a crystal (aka naturally formed glass) that became popular on TikTok for it’s benefits. A lot of people made videos of them crying saying that, they weren’t prepared for it’s powers and how some people were forced into a 360 life change. I saw one video where a woman was saying how her boyfriend broke up with her, she got fired from her job, and had to move back in with her parents, but she hadn’t realized how toxic her old situation was. Her boyfriend was verbally abusive to her, her job over worked her while she remained under paid, and although she had to move back in with her parents, it gave her an opportunity to analyze her pass situations. The last video I saw of her, she seemed like things had been getting better. Moldavite’s benefits are to remove any negative blockages that’re in your life, at any given moment. So that could literally be your coworkers, job, friends, family; literally anything that blocks you from being the best you, you can be and helps you to rediscover who you are. That’s literally what I feel like has been happening.

When I first got my Chrysocolla, I thought hmm, this is a pretty interesting crystal, looks more like a blue rock, with other hues to it, and it was very round. Once I figured out the way I wanted my necklace to look (which I may still change it), I started wearing my necklace everyday. One thing I noticed off the back, was that other people noticed my necklace a lot, probably because I made a pretty cool necklace. The first time wearing it, everything was cool, I’d be focus on my tasks and was getting more things done and by the end of the day, I had all this free time. The first situation that happened was, someone made a comment that made me feel uncomfortable. Since wearing this crystal, I realized that I had a habit of repressing how others made me feel, mostly because I was never taught that boundary, but that day? I wanted all the smoke. I simply told them that I didn’t like the comment they made and although they have been avoiding me ever since, I was proud that I said something about a comment that made me feel uncomfortable. Ever since that time, I’ve just been voicing how I feel to everyone around me and it feels pretty exhausting at times, only for the simple fact that it’s something I’m trying to make a habit. I’m learning how to use my natal placements differently, meaning, just because I’m a Libra rising doesn’t mean I don’t want or can’t tip the scales.

Chrysocolla Metaphysical Properties

Chrysocolla has been known to be the “wise stone” according to ancient Egypt, it shields and encourages the mind to come up with clever compromises and resolutions. I even read that Cleopatra wore chrysocolla in jewelry form, everywhere she went to have a more sensitive and tolerant side. Reading this, I truly believe this part. Since wearing this crystal, I’ve come across situations that should have made me very angry but I took a mature approach. Thinking about it, it was very adult of me to voice how I felt, instead of just showing how I felt.

The properties that are associated with this crystal is harmony, increased wisdom, encourages clarity of thought, decrease nervousness, calm down attitudes during turbulence, and also alleviate difficulty expressing ones feelings. Removes negativity from a person, eases fear, anxiety, and guilt. In my natal chart, water saturates my chart so I needed a crystal that was going to balance my emotions and keep me at ease; in order to balance water, you need more water. Using this gem rock to balance my water element has probably been the best thing I could’ve done to help me progress in my spiritual journey, especially since I’ve been doing shadow work. This gem rock has really helped me to dive deep into the murky waters of my emotions and understand all my past trauma with a level head, Chrysocolla has also helped me to be honest with myself too (Virgo placements tend to brush things under the rug but I’ve been working really hard against that). Don’t get it twisted though, your girl be in her emotions sometimes, but I’m able to process them better using the positive energy this gem rock omits. When my emotions start to feel too much, I’m able to release them and think about the moment to which triggered such emotion. It’s like having two therapists help you with one problem; Chrysocolla works on decoding the hidden meanings of your emotions while Amazonite helps with clear communication and setting healthy boundaries.

I’ve also noticed that it’s helped me even analyze the people around me too. If they ask me questions about a situation I can help them see it, from a different stand point (I’ve stopped a lot of potential beef). If I give this gem rock an astrology house I would say it’s giving 12th house energy. Since wearing this gem rock, I can’t even hide from my emotions even if I wanted to. While most crystals suck up negative energy, Chrysocolla is like nah, we need to talk about this, process it, and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Would I Recommend This Gem Rock/Crystal?

It definitely depends on what your trying to achieve and if your ready and willing to work with this crystal. At the time I brought this gem rock/crystal into my life, I was ready for what this crystal had in store for me. I was looking for something to improve myself emotionally and catapult my spiritual journey because I needed more progress. Little did I know I was buying my version of Moldavite. What this gem rock has done for me is make me face my biggest fears, let me process them, and then analyze them after and even when I tried to ignore these situations that made me feel negatively, those same situations would resurface in ways that I can’t turn a blind eye to anymore; it’s basically forced therapy.

How To Work With Chrysocolla?

Every time I wear my necklace with Amazonite, make sure to take my necklace off and place it on top of my selenite crystal. This will cleanse the crystal after each use, so the energy will be cleared by the time your ready to use it again. Some articles say that you can charge your crystal once a month or running it under warm water but I read in another article (wish I knew the name of it) that said it’s not recommended to wet this crystal. I’ve ran my Chrysocolla under water and it was fine but I stopped because the wire around it will get tarnished. I wouldn’t recommend wearing gem rock as a ring or bracelet but the gem rock/crystal is rather soft and fragile. The best options are necklace, pendant, or a brooch — and if your a perfume wearer like I am, all you have to do is move the gem rock out the way, spray, and place my gem rock back in its center.

The fact that this gem rock is right by your throat and heart chakra, these are the areas that it’s going to be most effected; which is the goal. One most important way I connect with my gem rock is to hold it in my hand and make a fist and just close my eyes. Trying to imagine the energy it omits, to me, activates the gem rock/crystals energy — its also a way to program your crystal too.

Combining Crystals with Chrysocolla

Like I’ve mentioned, my Chrysocolla is paired with Amazonite. I think this gem rock can honestly be paired with any crystals, it’s best to analyze your birth chart to see what you lack and/or look to your goals to see what your trying to achieve.

Maybe you want to balance out your water sign with another element such as Fire Agate crystal to bring in the fire element. You can do that, some people won’t recommend that but if your called to do so, then do it.

It’s all up to you, I’m definitely a type of person to mix crystals. I try to research the properties first before mixing, just to make sure that the crystals are supporting each other in the way that would benefit me the most.

Final Thoughts

Since using chrysocolla, my life has change a lot. My creativity has increased but my self awareness has increased as well. I feel as though I’m able to move through the motions of my emotions like a marathon swimmer training for the Olympics. It’s easier for me to pin point what kind of triggers I have how I respond to certain things. Chrysocolla will also bring up things that I thought I was over emotionally, to show me the hard lessons that I have to learn; almost like my best friend Saturn. All in all, if your ready to truly do some shadow work and want to take your spiritual journey to the next level then I highly recommend chrysocolla as the next gem rock you should own.


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