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How Is Yoni Steaming Beneficial? What Doctor Don’t Tell You

{Updated on 9/24/21}

When I first heard of Yoni steaming a few years ago, I had no idea what it was and I was completely against it, in the beginning. Doing extensive research on the benefits of Yoni steaming, there wasn’t much information on it, and all the information that I found was alluding that you shouldn’t Yoni steam, because of how the Yoni is designed. I’m here to tell you, if you haven’t yoni steamed and you need to and here’s why.

Back in 2018 when Gwyneth Paltrow’s website Goop, mentioned that you could steam your vulva, the practice sword with popularity. But before the website Goop ever talked about Yoni steaming, it was always something women and sometimes men did. The benefits of Yoni steaming are amazing and although some health care professionals don’t recommend it, alternative practitioners and doula’s highly recommend the benefits for its healing powers. Let’s break down exactly what Yoni steaming is. Yoni [yoo-nee] is a Sanskrit word the means the vulva which is the outside of the vagina. Yoni is a sacred word to describe a woman’s womb, her birth canal, and most intimate parts. In some parts of the world, yoni steaming was a way to help mothers who had just given birth, heal the yoni which may have tore during birth.

I’m unable to trace back how far Yoni steaming started or actual evidences where it might have originated, but women from different cultures, especially where I’m from, Jamaica, use Yoni steaming as after care from child birth. Once Yoni steaming became popular, child birth wasn’t the only reason to Yoni, some women and young menstruating women would Yoni steam to help with menstrual cramps, regulate periods, and as meditation sessions. The reasons are endless when it comes to Yoni steaming, and it’s not only for women either. Zac Efron has a docu-series on Netflix called Down to Earth, and he has a spiritual cleanse performed on him and his co-host, Darin Olien. His co-host, Darin Olien, stands over steam to help clear his energy.

The part I’m referring to starts at 7:13, but feel free to watch the whole video

The most important part of Yoni steaming, in my opinion, are the herbs. It wasn’t until this year that I found out how magical herbs are. Their properties and purpose for how they heal the body is amazing. When I Yoni steam, I want to strengthen, tone, and balance my hormones. My favorite herbs to use are: Mugwort, Goldenrod, Red Raspberry, Chamomile, and Lavender. I do my Yoni steam once a week because I’m trying to regulate my cycle again and once I do, I’ll Yoni steam once a month or 2 days after my cycle because that’s the usual time frame you want to keep. Before I did my first Yoni steam though, I watched a bunch of videos and read a lot of articles to make sure I understood exactly what the effects were. Most of the articles that had doctor statements, disliked the idea altogether, “women’s bodies are so sensitive and self cleaning that, adding heat and trying to achieve a goal of ‘regulating your hormones’ just isn’t realistic.” First of all, I can’t put my trust and faith into a doctor who can’t say the word vulva but instead uses the word vaginal canal. What bugs me, is the fact that these doctors don’t have enough research on how these practices work but are quick to dismiss them.

I’ve been Yoni steaming once a week, for almost 3 weeks now and aside from my herbal supplements, I’ve gotten my period once a month. Before going on this journey, I was very irregular; once every 3 months or so. Now, I can happily say that I’m getting my cycle every month and it’s all thanks to Yoni steaming. I feel as though, Yoni steaming helps you not only physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. I meditate while Yoni steaming, like Earth Mama Medicine suggests and I feel so connected to my femininity. Something that was foreign to me, I now have a beautiful relationship with. Although my cramps and pms aren’t resolved yet, due to me being unregulated for so long, I’m getting to a place that I never thought I’d see; which is self love. When Yoni steaming first came out, I thought, it was another form of douching. Some religions and people for personal reasons, douche, and the difference is your taking a solution of water mixed with some vinegar or baking soda and applying the mixture inside the vagina to clean it out. Yoni steaming is just herbs, water and sitting on top of the steam; that’s it. I never thought that I would like it Yoni steaming so much, especially since I thought it was something to alter the natural state of the vulva / vagina. I don’t recommend steaming if you’re pregnant, because the steam and the herbs makes the vagina contract, which can cause early pregnancy.

Like I mentioned before, when I only steam I use the herbs Chamomile, Lavender, Mugwort, Goldenrod and Red Raspberry. Reason being is, these herbs are specific to what I’m trying to achieve. You firstly want to ask your doctor what your hormones levels to see what you need to level out and base the herbs on that. Some herbs act as estrogen receptors and if you already have high estrogen you don’t want increase it even more; it’ll just defeat the purpose. Check out my podcast where I talk more about my experience with Yoni steaming and fibroids. All and all, I highly recommend Yoni steaming. The benefits are amazing and even though doctors and some health articles don’t recommend it, I question as to why. Definitely do your own research, this is your personal journey and you have to do what’s best for you.

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