What Is A Saturn Return And How Does It Effect You?

{Updated 8/27/21}

Just like everybody else, 2020 and part of 2021 has been crazy. Like a roller coaster I’m anxiously wanting to get off. Since I’ve been learning about astrology, Saturn has played a big part in my 20s, and has forced me to become an adult. Doing some research on Saturn I’m finding out, he’s one of those tough teachers that loves to hand out hard lessons; like that one teacher that pushes all their students to do well in the class and even though you don’t like this teacher, you secretly want to impress them. Reading up on Saturn, their are some signs and houses he likes to he in but it definitely depends on if his opposing or squaring other planets. In my situation, Saturn is in Pisces which he can be comfortable in but that fact that he’s in the 6th house, he struggles. One thing for certain about Saturn though, he loves being in the sign Capricorn because he rules Capricorn. And when I compare my chart to my peers, I find it interesting to see how differently Saturn impactes our lives.

Enough stalling, and let me just explain what happened. When the pandemic hit, I told myself that I was going to start working out and use this opportunity to really establish a stable routine for myself. I’m not a person that follows a personal routine, for some reason, I’m good for like 2 days (my Pisces energy) and then I just do whatever I want. But I really wanted to try and take this opportunity to focus on having a productive routine, and put myself first. So I’d wake up around 7:30 AM and would go right into a meditation, then I would read a few pages of whatever book I was reading, get into the shower while listening to meditation music, then would just do whatever else I had planned to do that day. And once I was consistent, I wanted to start implementing yoga.

The days I felt like I couldn’t meditate, I would do yoga instead, until yoga became an everyday thing for me. I’d do meditation or yoga or sometimes I’d do them together. I’ve been doing yoga for a very long time since I was about 15, but you know adulthood is meant to deter you from that type of stuff. After a while of being steady with a routine, I started remembering the little things that made me happy, like when I was younger. It wasn’t big or lavish activities that I was doing, they were very simple things that made me internally happy, that would then change my outlook, on my world. After doing about a couple of moves, each day for about a week, something felt weird in my abdomen; I’ve never felt this before. I made a doctors appointment and the doctor let me know that I had a fibroid, the size of a grapefruit. March 26th of 2021 was when I had it removed and I’ve been healing ever since.

Not knowing anything about fibroids, it really made my emotions all over the place. “Why me?” I said, why this. It made me feel as though I’d been absent minded with my health, which I have been. I know a lot of people say that fibroids are common amongst women but I honestly don’t believe that. We are such magical beings that when we have things going on in our lives, it can manifest into disease. I looked back at my life before the pandemic, and I realize that I was on auto pilot. Living in a big city, always on the go not eating properly, because you’re always in a rush to go somewhere. Not only was my physical body impaired but all parts of my being were impaired too. It took the whole pandemic, even until now, for me to align myself but I’m happy that it happened because it made me realize the unhealthy habits that were taking over, and distorting my life.

I called this post my Saturn return because my 27th birthday is this year, and I read that most millennials (born between 1990 – 1994) are due to have a Saturn return either this year or next year and for some, it started 2020. I think during this time, a lot of us are in the shadow period of our Saturn return which is good if you think about it, because I hear that once you’ve gotten through the rough part, Saturn can be really rewarding. If you have any questions about your Saturn placement, feel free to email me or comment down below.

Astrology has helped me to learn so much about my life, most importantly the things I went through and it’s helping me prepare myself for the things I haven’t experienced yet. Growing up, I wasn’t a kid who had health problems and it wasn’t something I focused one either, now in my late 20s I feel like this is an area I need to pay more attention to. Here is how to find Saturn and what it says about you. Go to and click horoscopes.

Go to personal portrait and fill in your information. It’s important to know your birth time, so you can get an accurate reading

Then from there you’ll be able to see where Saturn is on your chart. Like I mentioned before, Saturn is the ultimate teacher. He forces us to work through our limitations and improve our life with (sometimes harsh) lessons. His placement can be easy going for some people as well as, difficult in any sign and house he is in, like me for example, and depending on if his squaring or opposing other planets, that can impact how hard of a lesson you’ll go through too. Sometimes Saturn isn’t always responsible for hard lessons in our natal chart either, for example, I just found out that if Mars and Mercury are in the same house, they can also act like Saturn energy as well. Your best bet is to search Saturn in the house first (because the planet is the actor and the house is the location where the actor is at) and then Saturn in the zodiac sign (because the planet is the actor and the zodiac sign is the costume that the actor is wearing).


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