How To Manifest With The Moon Using Your Intuition

{Updated on 9/26/21}

Even though the new trend is to manifest when the moon is full, don’t feel pressured by dates

With everyone being on a spiritual journey, we all see the same theme happening: manifest your dreams by using the energy of the moon, if you want your manifestation to be powerful, use the moon and her energy to manifest faster. I’m here to tell you, that you don’t need to do that. You can literally manifest any time, any day, when your spirit is being called to do so and here’s why.

When I first started on my journey about a year and a half ago, I felt really pressured to always work around the phase of the moon. Everyone would always talk about the phase of the moon and which phase was better to do what and blah blah. Everything I did, had to be around the moon and it was strongly promoted to use its energy to get what I want. Just starting out, I thought this was the only way to do anything. Almost as if to say, if I did it during any other time, my hopes and dreams wouldn’t come true. After a while, my Aquarius moon started to rebel and I’d start to loose track of the cycle of the moon. It was hard for me to get on top of trying to manifest with the phases of the moon. Plus it took me a while to understand what to do when the moon was full verse when the moon was empty. All the information that I was being fed, was too much and it became overwhelming. Feeling left out, people would say, “Hey! Tonight is a perfect night to manifest! Join me tonight on YouTube for a group meditation/manifestion session.” A majority of the time when I’d find out that there was a full moon or a new moon I would always be too exhausted to participate during any activity; the whole process was just cumbersome.

I later found out that people who find out about trends, try to over exert themselves to make other people feel less then. Like anybody else, I love a beautiful full moon! I mean she is a beautiful planet and the only one we can see without a telescope. I soon found out from people on tumblr that, you do not have to use her energy in order to manifest anything in your life. I’ve come to realize that any phase of the moon can be strong whether she’s waxing or waning. There’ve been times, where I’ve manifested things and the sun was high in the sky. Most of the time when people say that this is the best time to manifest, usually isn’t the best time to manifest.

Reason being, the energy can be so intense that you don’t want to say, think, or do something that’ll work against the very thing your trying to bring into your life. The solar eclipse that had just happened and whatever astrological event that has occurred before then, I’ve always been asleep for. Most of the time the energy is so intense for me that I always end up either going to bed early or staying up on my phone because I can’t go to sleep that night. The nights that I end up not being able to sleep I usually don’t perform anything, for the simple fact that I’m usually not thinking clear around those moments (aka tired and drowsy). Beside that though, the most important advice I can give is, when it comes to manifesting with the moon listen to your intuition. That is going to be your best friend, during this journey despise what anybody else says, your intuition is going to guide you on whether you should or shouldn’t participate. Now this article isn’t to say that you can’t or shouldn’t manifest during a full or new moon, I just remember how it felt when I first started my journey and how exciting and new everything was. And for most of us who left a religion, there’s still a sense of wanting to feel ‘included’ in these events when it’s truly not necessary. If your manifestations still aren’t coming true though, make sure that your manifesting with the new moon. The new moon is tales of freshness and the start of a journey, then you use the other phases to keep working on your goal/manifestation and when the moon is full, you release it and when the moon is new again, you start all over again. I highly recommend doing shadow work, before trying to manifest anything though, because some part of you will have some sort of doubt in your mind, but I’ll that for another post.

Instead, what you can do during a full moon or new moon, is to take a spiritual bath and/or shower to clear and cleanse your energy and use rosemary to cleanse your home. I view new full moons as a means to clear (banish) negative energy and new moons to promote (manifest) new positive energy. My favorite thing to do during a full moon is a cleansing ceremony, it’s literally like a rebirth for me. I feel so amazing after, it’s almost like I’m able to flush all the negative energy away.


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