Chrysocolla The Crystal Every Creative Needs and Should Have

For everyone whose a creative, I highly suggest that you have this crystal.

A couple of weeks ago, I was looking to make a crystal necklace for my mom, so I took this as an opportunity to shop for crystals. Heading to my go-to website, Wandering Stone, I came across a crystal named, Chrysocolla. In the picture, it looked like a rock and I almost didn’t buy it so I scrolled past it but my mind kept going back to this crystal.

Mainly because I was figuring out how to say the crystal’s name and secondly because the colors drew me in; it’s a very interesting-looking crystal. Before I made a purchase I wanted to see what it’s properties and benefits are, but when I was looking up the information, I found out that it’s fairly new to Crystallography. There wasn’t much in-depth information on it but its earthy tones will balance out earth signs and it’s bluish hues with balance out water signs. I thought this was perfect for my mom, who’s a cancer, and great for me as well because my natal chart is filled with water, earth, and air signs.

Fast forward a couple of weeks, maybe like 2 weeks, pass, and the crystals are delivered. I get the package, get my wiring, and necklace materials, and get to work. I finished them within maybe… like 10 minutes and felt really motivated throughout the whole process. One of the properties that I found out about Chrysocolla, is that it’s great for creatives. Writers, artists, anybody who creates should have this crystal because it’s said to motivate and to help someone stay focus on what there doing.

Now it’s the next day, Monday, I wear my crystal necklace, as well as my Amazonite crystal (and yes I wear them together) I felt completely happy. As if my soul was shining and I really haven’t felt like that since the pandemic started. I’ve had happy times but not like this. I was laughing and just in my own little bubble like my Aquarius moon would have me, and really just had a day to myself. Feelings of positivity and joy, just took over my day and it was amazing. And I knew it was working because someone had said something to me that completely pissed me off and usually I hold onto those emotions because of my water signs but it literally rolled off of me like water and my positive attitude just beamed through it.


My whole week was like this honestly, there were some people who tried to get me upset but it didn’t bother me; it was like I was wearing a shield. I laughed a lot and I started to feel really comfortable with myself; almost like self-acceptance. In all my years on this earth, I never felt this comfortable with myself, just completely comfortable in my own skin. When my mom got her crystal in the mail, she put it on and the next day she went to the store, and the guy was giving her all types of positive affirmations and saying that she’s lucky and luck is coming her way. On any other occasion, I honestly wouldn’t have bought this crystal but it’s helped me stay so motivated in my writing, in my art, coming up with new ideas for my blog, plus all the positive feedback I’ve gotten. For my whole 26 years on earth, I’ve always been a writer and artist and I truly feel like I’m living my dream.

So if you’re in need of a new crystal that’s going to make you feel complete, have self-acceptance, balance out your emotions, and bring positivity to your doorstep, then I highly suggest this crystal. I’m definitely going to update my experience after a month and see how much more this crystal evolves with my energy.


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